Swim – really not much else to do at Diani during the day and the beach is the best.


Nomad Restaurant – part of the Nomad at the Sands hotel, really awesome for brunch – mainly due to the old-school refrigerator which looks like an ancient deli case, we love that.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – a visit worth making, very romantic setting in a cave which is amazing for viewing stars while whispering sweet nothings into your lover’s ear. However, the food is not amazing so keep your order simple to the fish of the day and accompany with lots of wine.

Sails Beach Restaurant – best venue on the beach, heaping portions of seafood.


Forty Thieves Beach Bar and Bistro – the infamous late night spot in Diani, look no further for late night beach drinks.


Four Twenty South Cottages – these exclusive bungalows are the place to stay for some quiet time, along the shores of Galu Beach. For those looking to have a home away from home.

Kinondo Kwetu – full service, a family friendly eco-friendly old school escape along the coast. Close quarters but friendly and elegant in simplicity.