Sas and I spent our first holiday together here at Entim Camp, a small but refined camp hidden in middle of the Maasai Mara National Reserve along the Mara River. 

The camp appears out of nowhere upon arrival, as if grown naturally into a small patch of bush. Jonathan, the manager, is the friendliest human alive and greets you always with a huge smile. The tents are well furnished and cozy, albeit lacking modern touches compared with other camps – still far from roughing it. 

The main areas are a bit more refined, with a comfortable and elegant living tent, a well-appointed dining room, and a lovely outdoor patio with stunning furniture. There is also a special tent for professional photographers, which makes this camp a top destination for wildlife photographers.

Be sure to ask for Petro as your guide – he is our absolute favorite and he has always found us the most amazing sights every trip – from lion hunts, lion kills, a pack of cheetahs, the leopards strolling past the car – he is the best. Not to mention super friendly.