Swim all day.


Rosso Restro – delicious seafood, simply awesome, in Santa Antonio de Lisboa.  Beautiful in simplicity.

Pao da Casa – great coffee and chocolates for the morning.  

Eat sandwiches on the beach – seriously, those sausage sandwiches sold by vendors on the beach are insane.


Café De La Musique – pretty nice spot that’s good for food and for late night right on Jurere Beach.

Le Bar Baron – also on the beach, earlier party times but beautiful views of the water and a nice place to sip a cocktail. Not shorts or slippers friendly…


Jurere Beach Village Shops – get some gelato, buy sunscreen, and head back to the beach.


Il Campanario Villaggio Resort – a huge mega resort of sorts, although really nice rooms and well done inside. The place is a bit more opulent than our normal tastes, with a daily DJ throwing a pool party, but a great location as nearby all the clubs and beach.