Hargeisa is a small town, but not without its entertainment. Despite being rather conservative (yes, it’s a dry country) Somali’s love to gather and have a good time. But don’t expect a late night – most of the fun happens behind closed doors in private homes across the town.

Check out Hiddo Dhawr Center, the only live music venue in the country. Traditional music fills the tents while you sit and enjoy small plates and drinks.

Outside of Hargeisa, the top destinations are Berbera, where you can escape the oppressive heat with a dip into the pristine waters of the Gulf of Aden (avoid the port!), or to stunning Las Geel Caves, where you can get up close and personal with recently discovered rock paintings that date between 9,000 and 3,000 BC!


Saba – tasty Yemeni cuisine. Prepare to get your hands dirty, but the bread and lentils are totally worth it.

Dalxiis – best camel in town, just some ways out on the road to Berbera.

Fish and Steak – the name is about right, these are what they primarily sell. But if you crave a pizza, this is the only one worth eating in town.


Cup of Art Italian Coffee – a newcomer to the scene, this place was opened by diaspora and offers both tasty espresso and pastries.


Ambassador Hotel – one of 2 hotels you should probably stay at.  Nothing to write home about, but has A/C, reliable electricity, and is safe and near the airport.

Man-Soor – the other best hotel in town, far from the airport though, with a nice compound you can explore during the day and with a concrete, playable tennis court. Very exciting, with two impalas wandering the grounds.