Hike to Lopes Mendes – not for the faint of heart, this is a several hours’ hike through dense forest in oppressive humidity to the northern side of the Island from the small town of Abraão. Sas was not a huge fan of the hike, but the ultimate destination is amazing. Perfect white sand beaches for miles and crystal clear water. Bring water and buy snacks when there.

Swim at the Preta Beach hot springs – once you’re done, explore the beach and ruins nearby from a former prison. Beautiful quiet beach, feels nice and isolated.


Lua e Mar – best moqueca in town, head this way a bit outside of center Abraão.

Restaurante Pe na Areia – convenient and tasty, really nice vibe at night with live music and funky lights.

Eat Lots of Acai – derived from the Acai palm, this juicy purple berry is like crack. We basically ate it constantly to cool down (it’s served frozen like sorbet) and to refresh. Once we learned that it’s a superfood, we felt justified to double down. Our greatest regret is that we don’t live in a place with Acai regularly available.


Aratinga Inn – cozy little bungalows in the hills above Abraão, run by a super friendly Australian/English lady who makes you feel at home. Not too many frills, but definitely good value for money and a jumping off point for people eager to spend the day on the beach.