Sail a Dhow through the mangroves – be sure to book a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel, from your hotel and head out for sundowners among the mangroves. 

Explore Old Town – no cars allowed, which makes meandering aimlessly a lot safer. Explore the old fort and simply enjoy the architecture.

Meander the streets of Shela Town – after taking a drink at the Peponi hotel, be sure to meander among the beautiful homes and take in the ancient architecture of the city.


Peponi Hotel – arguably the best grub in Lamu, this old standby has great food and drinks. 


Peponi Hotel – excellent cool down drinks, hard to beat.

The Majlis Resort – stunning pool bar overlooking Shela is hard to beat, the view is perfect and you also don’t have the noise that occurs on Shela beach from impromptu soccer games and dhows loading and offloading.


Peponi Hotel Art Gallery – given our (Monty’s) obsession with African art, we only recommend buying art off the walls of the Peponi, which routinely holds beautiful shows in conjunction with Nairobi’s Circle Art gallery. Some of the best artists in East Africa can be found here, not to mention they convene on the island every year for the Lamu Painters Festival.


The Majlis Resort – the most beautiful hotel in Lamu, definitely the best rooms and overall experience. Food is not as good as Peponi, but no question the better venue all around if you like secluded luxury.

Forodhani House – on Shela beach, this place is next to Peponi and all the action, but feels like your own mansion on high. Right on the beach so not as quiet as Majlis, but a great spot for a large group to book together.