Far from the hustle and bustle of major African hubs, Lilongwe lives up to the country’s identity as the “Warm Heart of Africa.” This rather small destination serves as the country’s second city and is more of a short-term stopover than a long term stay. Use Lilongwe as a base to explore the beautiful nature of Malawi.


Ama Khofi – for the freshest eats in town during lunch, head to Ama Khofi. Insane falafel sandwiches and Thai noodles, accompanied by baked desserts and fresh juices.

Latitude 13 – the best restaurant in all of Malawi, this place is the place to be seen in Lilongwe. Imported South African wines compliment fine dining amidst a funky Anthropology-themed dining room, and attracts a strange gathering of energetic Japanese business men and haggard but well-dressed NGO workers. Also, the only place that’s high end and open for dinner. Order a bottle of La Motte with the Salmon and thank us later.

Lark Café – up there with Ama Khofi, perhaps even a bit more diverse offering of salads and fresh fare. Only for lunch.

Brunch – the name belies the offering, as they also serve lunch. But once you get past the misnomer, you will discover quinoa bowls and hearty sandwiches that leave you satisfied.


The Living Room – the hippest place in town, great music and a must for Saturday night.

Buchannan’s – located near Ama Khofi, this place has the feel of an Irish pub and looks like one when the sun goes down, with many muzungu’s shaking their tailfeathers.


Four Seasons Centre – full of several nice boutique shops, including one of the best stores to buy hard wood bowls and furniture in East Africa.


Latitudes – the one and only, this place is a gem in the city. The duplex suites are modern and, while suffering a few minor kinks with A/C units and water pressure, incredibly comfortable and clean and modern. They also make sparkling water on site free of charge. Pool, gym, and best restaurant in town.

Kumbali Lodge – a bit out of the way, but offers upscale quiet and serenity in the wilderness.  Madonna likes the place, so if you are keen for a run in, check it out.