Nairobi National Park is the only safari park in the world located within a major city, both awe inspiring that people and nature can live so closely and fear that such a place is on the verge of extinction due to human population growth. Nonetheless, this place feels vast and is the natural habitat for over 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals – including lions, giraffe, buffalo, leopard, and cheetah. 

Ever since moving to Kenya, Sas has been flabbergasted by the fact that there is an epic wildlife reserve INSIDE the city and has been begging me to take her there for a weekend. So, I finally acquiesced and secretly started planning a surprise proposal in early December at Ololo Lodge, overlooking the National Park. But thanks to some intel from her friend Dana, I realized Sas was planning a surprise birthday for ME in the National Park on my birthday – the week after my planned proposal. So I cancelled my plans and waited... On the day of, Sas had me blindfolded and then driven out to the park, where she and our driver Paul unveiled the surprise! 

We spent the day enjoying some delicious French wines (recently imported to Kenya) and then topped the day off with an epic game drive, where I asked Sas to take a picture with me in front of a park sign. I handed the camera to our driver Paul who snapped a few pics as I went down on one knee.

Nothing beats getting to spend that night in the wild, with no internet, no phones – just the sounds of nature. A night to remember replete with epic candlelight dinner, camp fire, and much canoodling.


Inside the park, try Nairobi Tented Camp with hearty and satisfying fare along a small river in the woods. Easy to reach, remote, and feels like you got lost in the middle of nowhere.

Outside of the park, Ololo Lodge is the place to be seen. Best food nearby, and with an epic view to boot. Also a great place for dinner if staying.


Catch sundowners by the pool or in the tower at Ololo Lodge

Emakoko has a sprawling location connected by bridges, making you feel one with the wild.


Ololo Lodge – the most elegant of the camps around Nairobi National Park, this place nails the details and has the aesthetic you want. Beautiful place and friendly hosts.

Nairobi Tented Camp – this is the most laid back of the camps, basic platform tents. No frills but nothing comes close to being transported back to the days of being a kid at summer camp – now that you can drink wine and have a hot shower.

Emakoko – the most spacious and best value for money at Nairobi National Park.